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Potholes can be extremely dangerous to riders - please report them!

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The League of American Bicyclists reports that approximately 50 percent of all bicycle crashes are falls.  Falls are caused by such factors as potholes, storm grates, loose gravel or dirt, and near misses with other bikes, cars, and pedestrians.  Currently, only bicycle crashes involving motor vehicles are reported to the police and monitored by CTDOT.  Thus, most falls go unreported and undocumented and many of the factors that cause falls go unfixed. 

We would like to begin cataloging/documenting some of the hazards to bicyclists that cause falls on the road.  Using data collected here and through other sources, CTDOT plans to address the most pressing areas of need, with the ultimate goal being to increase bicycle safety by reducing all bicycle crashes on roads (bicycle – motor vehicle crashes, bicycle - bicycle crashes, bicycle - pedestrian crashes, and bicycle-only crashes) .

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